New World Mall - Flushing

I finally got around to visiting today a year after the place opened.  Although there are a lot of small shops over three or four floors I was there primarily for the food court and Jmart, the predominantly Asian megamart.  

The food court is much like any mall food court, except there aren't any of the usual fast food chains but instead three or four different places selling hand-pulled fresh noodle variations, foods from several regions of China, Japan, Vietnam and whoever came up with bubble tea types that God did not intend.  I had some great noodles with spicy chicken, fresh veggies and herbs from "Sliced Noodles" and a pork Bahn Mi from Pho Bac.  There are dozens of choices.

There are at least three major Asian supermarkets in downtown Flushing with Jmart being the largest and newest.  I didn't but any seafood on this visit but the seafood section was AWESOME.  Very fresh, very crowded, lots of choices.  I cook many kinds of food but I like Asian cuisines since they offer a wide variety of tastes, textures and Jmart had almost everything I wanted.  The only things I couldn't find were Drangonfruit, Custard Apples and some other  specialty fruit.  When I advanced to the checkout cashier she looked over my  purchases, rang them up, and asked, "So, your wife is Chinese?"  "Regrettably no," I answered. "But you know all these foods?"  "Yeah, mostly. And that's for thinking i have a Chinese wife."  Navigating social graces over black chicken and egg tofu.  


© Warren Liebold 2011