Red Hook Park and Food Vendors

Today's journey took me to the Red Hook portion of Brooklyn to meet S.J. Rozan followed by Manny and Eileen for lunch at the string of food trucks along Bay Street.  Red Hook Park is composed of several city blocks of soccer, baseball and cricket fields where thousands of people come to play every weekend.  Many of them are immigrants from Mexico, Central and South American countries and for years a group of food vendors have set up shop along Bay Street and the intersection of Bay and Clinton Streets.  Fresh-cooked foods from Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile and Guatemala have been a feature for several years now. The vendors started out with outdoor grilles and coolers in some cases but all have now evolved into full food truck operations. Each of them is described on their web page

Getting There

If you're in Brooklyn just go south on Smith, Court, Clinton or Henry Streets to Bay Street. The B57 bus runs into the neighborhood; the Carroll Street and Smith/9th Street F/G stops are nearby.  Check travel advisories for these subways on the weekend.  The Smith/9th station has been closed for renovations and the G train is, well, the G train.  I walked the two miles from downtown Brooklyn on Smith Street in part because Brooklyn is always cool and in part because I really really need the exercise. On the way I found that Smith Street from Pacific to Bergen was closed to vehicular traffic as the neighborhood was celebrating Bastille Day several days early. Actual Bastille Day is, of course July 14, which is also Matthew Chachere's birthday. Happy Birthday Matthew!  In any case, your homework assignment for Bastille Day is to watch "Casablanca" and learn the words to La Marseillaise.  If you never have, read the lyrics.  When the French write a battle song, they don't frack around.

There were a series of playing areas set up on Smith Street for people playing pentanque, which is French variation on bocce, or perhaps both are variations of boule.  


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